Your Android phone just got a major free video upgrade

My favourite app is finally available on Android handsets

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra phones in use
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Android phones just got a brilliant free video upgrade.

The Blackmagic camera app is finally coming – but is your device supported?

When it comes to the best Android phones on the market, there are a wealth of different metrics to see which handset measures up. Some will be wholly concerned with styling, while others will look for the latest processor, or biggest battery.

Far and away the biggest concern en masse, though, is the camera. With fewer and fewer people owning a traditional camera setup, these devices act as the sole shot snapping device for most people. 

That means these handsets have got to be good at a wide range of different styles – and the videography on them is about to get a whole heap better. That's because the Blackmagic Camera app is coming to Android phones.

As an iPhone user, I've had access to the Blackmagic camera app for a while already. I've used it to create video content of a much higher quality than the native app, with added controls and functionality, meaning I'm well placed to attest to just how good it is.

Users will now be able to record video up to 8k in resolution. That also allows for shooting in 16:9 and vertical aspect ratios, and supports professional grade formats like H.264 and H.265.

You'll be able to fine tune things like shutter speed, exposure compensation, white balance, frame rate, tint and more – all without leaving the app. Frame rates range between 24 and 60 frames per second, depending on which model of phone you have.

Speaking of which, there is a slight limitation on that front. The app is only going to be available on Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy handsets which are running Android 13 or later. That does leave quite a few devices out in the cold – hopefully a deeper integration can come to market later.

For those with the right phone for the job, though, it's a really killer app to have access to. 

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