You can grab priority access now for PS5 restocks at Amazon in March

Looking for a PS5 restock? Amazon is the best place to find one in March

Sony PlayStation 5
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If you're looking for a PS5 restock then, well, join the club. Sony's latest and greatest is one of the hardest things to get your hands on right now and the supply issues don't seem to have an end in sight. 

But we have some good news: Amazon is giving Amazon Prime members priority access to PlayStation 5 consoles as they come available in March in both the US and UK. 

The issues (or challenge, depending on how you look at it) of getting one of these have been huge. Retailers across the world have struggled to offer reliable access to the best game console going. 

Heading over to the PS5 listing on Amazon, though, offers a bit of light relief. Right there, in big bold letters, are the immortal words: "Amazon Prime customers will have priority access to the PlayStation 5." (The same is true for the American listing.)

Other realisers, like Walmart, have also resorted to giving their most loyal customers (ie, those who sign up to membership services) priority access and it makes sense, at least if you have the right memberships. 

The best console going

As we said in our PlayStation 5 review, Sony has really broken through with the PS5 and managed to introduce something that betters the excellent PlayStation 4. 

PS5 titles are also rapidly expanding now that we're a few months into the console's release and games like Horizon Forbidden West show us exactly what the incredible hardware can do when it's pushed. 

The only tricky part is getting hold of one and as we've seen, Amazon is the best place to do so in March, if you're an Amazon Prime member of course.

But the best thing about this promotion is that even if you're not a Prime Member right now, you can pick up a free trial for a month (thereby making you eligible to this Prime Member only PS5 restock promotion) and the easily cancel it as soon as you've hopefully bagged a PlayStation 5 in March.

Amazon has been a major PS5 restock player since the console's launch and this looks like the very best way to get a PS5 in March 2022, so we recommend any gamer who hasn't already got a system and wants one to check out this promotion, as grabbing priority access to PS5 orders at Amazon in March is now technically free.

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