Your Apple Watch is getting new watch faces, straps, and features soon

It was a brief but bountiful showing for the watchOS 6 at WWDC 2019

WWDC 2019 Apple Watch

Apple has just unveiled its latest version of the Apple Watch operating system, adding new watch faces and features which Watch users are sure to enjoy.

Called watchOS 6, the headline feature is undoubtably that the Apple Watch now has a native App Store available on the device.

The App Store on the Apple Watch allows you to browse apps, with curated lists and categories, or search for a specific app using Siri dictation, the mini keyboard, or handwriting detection.

This makes the Apple Watch even less reliant on your iPhone, almost paving the way for the ability to go iPhone-free in the future.

Another update includes a feature called 'taptic chimes', which silently tap your wrist on the hour to help you keep track of the time.

watchOS 6 also includes four new watch faces, as well as a selection of updated existing watch faces.

These faces can also be customised with new complications, such as 'Chance of Rain' complication and the ability to instantly start recording a voice memo.

These new complications are powered by new apps, such as the built-in Voice Recorder, Books and Calculator app.

The Calculator app essentially turns your Apple Watch into a 40 year old Casio  Calculator watch, allowing you to work out tips and shared bills directly on your wrist.

Apps can now run independently on you Watch, without the need for an iPhone companion app, and Apple will allow these apps to stream music or podcasts directly to the Watch.

Now, of course, it wouldn't be an Apple Watch briefing if Apple didn't talk about health.

The Activity app on your watch will not only show you your daily goals, it'll also show you 'Activity trends'.

The Apple Watch will measure nine key metrics, and compare them your last 90 days to the previous year. This will give you a clear overview of you health over a long period of time.

The Apple Watch now has a built in noise meter, and will warn you if you're frequently exposed to dangerous levels of sound. This will help protect your hearing.

And finally, following Fitbit and Garmin, the Apple Watch (and the Health app on iOS) will help women track their menstrual cycle.

Cycle Tracking will give you notifications when fertility windows are about to begin or your period is likely to start.

watchOS 6 is likely to arrive in September, along with the Apple Watch Series 5. Stay tuned to for more info.

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