YETI’s new cooler is a must-have for your next barbecue and picnic

YETI launches the Roadie 32 and it’s the perfect addition to your summer barbecues

YETI Roadie 32
(Image credit: YETI)

YETI has launched its new Roadie 32 wheeled cooler, a durable mid-sized cool box with a 30-litre capacity, Permafrost insulation and a durable, stylish design.

The YETI Roadie 32 is available to buy now in multiple colours for £350.

YETI has released a new cool box in its popular Roadie collection, just in time for summer. The YETI Roadie 32 wheeled cooler keeps food and drinks perfectly cold with its Permafrost insulation, and has a stylish design with an all-new capacity size.

Specialising in outdoor cooling products, it’s no surprise that YETI holds several places in T3’s best cool box guide. Its Roadie range is arguably one of its most popular, due to its compact design, smooth wheels and retractable handle, and now YETI is expanding the collection with the new YETI Roadie 32.

The YETI Roadie 32 is a mid-sized wheeled cooler that sits between the 24 and 48 sizes you can find in the Roadie range. It’s got many of the same admirable features as the 24 model which we rated highly in our YETI Roadie 24 cooler review, although it’s been upgraded with a new transporting system.

Unlike the 24 version which has handles instead of wheels, the YETI Roadie 32 follows in the footsteps of the 48 and 60 models with its wheeled construction. The NeverFlat wheels are impact and puncture resistant, and make it easy to maneuver the cooler to barbecues, picnics and road trips. It’s compatible with small-vehicle trunks and boots, and is complete with both a Periscope handle and LipGrip handles.

YETI Roadie 32

(Image credit: YETI)

Available in multiple colours, the YETI Roadie 32 has a 30-litre capacity which can fit up to 36 lbs of ice or 50 cans. It’s also wine bottle compatible, and can hold and cool a variety of food and drinks at a time. Speaking of cooling, the YETI Roadie 32 has the same ‘cold-holding’ power that you’d expect from the Tundra range of coolers (see our YETI Tundra 35 Hard Cooler review for more details).

The YETI Roadie 32 features PermaFrost insulation which consists of pressure-injected foam that locks in the cold temperatures. The ColdLock helps the YETI Roadie 32 to block out external heat and it has a dry goods basket to keep everything separate yet cool at the same time.

The YETI Roadie 32 comes in the following colours: Big Wave Blue, Rescue Red, Charcoal, Navy and White. As to be expected with a premium brand like YETI, the YETI Roadie 32 doesn’t come cheap and will cost you £350. While it might be too expensive for some, the YETI Roadie 32 is a durable and portable cool box that promises to last a lifetime.

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