Yale’s new Smart Delivery Box keeps your Black Friday parcels safe when you’re not home

Signed, Yale, Delivered...

Yale Smart Delivery Box
(Image credit: Yale)

Black Friday is imminent. Does that mean you’ve been busy rifling through T3's rundown of the best Black Friday deals? Say less; we know it does! Something else we're feeling pretty sure about, as well, is that all of those Black Friday goodies will need to be safely stowed away when delivered if, say, you don't happen to be in went the postman comes knocking. 

Fortunately, there's a new gadget to help with that in Yale's Smart Delivery Box. While sometimes things simply go missing amongst the day-to-day parcel rush, the growth of home deliveries has led to an increased risk of your items getting pinched if left unattended outside your home. Despite being something that the best security camera devices can help remedy, it's not always enough. And that's where Yale's new Smart Delivery Box comes in.

Yale is a home security veteran. Entrenched in the sector for a very long time now, it knows a thing or two about keeping your home safe. Now, it has unveiled the latest addition to its smart home security portfolio, which it says is the perfect ‘safe place’ to keep your daily parcel deliveries secured when you're not in and all of those parcels containing the early Black Friday deals you've bought start arriving.

The Smart Delivery Box is a robust-looking container that's clearly been designed to prevent unauthorized access. Your parcels are kept safe and secure, with no need for awkward interactions with neighbors or rushed trips to the local collection depot before closing time. Yale's Keyless lock is included, as well, which lets you set a one-time 24-hour pin code or create up to 20 unique codes for multiple couriers. 

As such, various couriers can then easily drop your parcels in the container. For a huge retailer like Amazon that often relies on multiple couriers, these unique codes allow homeowners to set individual authorizations for couriers dropping off your best Black Friday Amazon deals.

Yale Smart Delivery Box

(Image credit: Yale)

Of course, there's plenty more that you can do with Yale's Smart Delivery box, including the ability to use a Yale Module alongside it for remote locking, amongst other nifty tricks like unlocking the product via one of the best phones and broader smart home integration with Alexa. However, in essence, it's all the same basic premise only with more bells and whistles when used with the Yale Module.

With this year's Black Friday expected to receive vastly increased footfall, deliveries are likely to be flowing in and around your neighborhood, so the Yale box could be the ideal way to safeguard your parcels without breaking the bank. The Yale Smart Delivery Box, which ships in either Black and Grey colorways, will be available to purchase from the Yale Store from October 18 for £299.99, which means you have plenty of time to get one set up and installed ahead of what's set to be a very busy period for Black Friday deliveries. 

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