Xbox wireless controllers are getting a handy free upgrade

Calibrate your Xbox controller if things go awry

Xbox Wireless Controller (white)
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Quick Summary

The Xbox February update for Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One includes the ability to recalibrate the thumb sticks on an Xbox Wireless Controller.

Touch controls have also been added to the Xbox mobile app for use when playing your games remotely.

Microsoft is currently rolling out an update for its Xbox consoles that, among other things, adds a neat tool to improve your Xbox Wireless Controller.

The update, which should be available on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Xbox One consoles now, gives users the ability to recalibrate the thumbsticks on their controllers, whether that be the standard variant or an Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Elite 2.

This not only allows you to fix any minor calibration issues you might encounter, and thereby avoid having to contact support or pay for a costly repair, but it also helps you set up replacement thumbsticks which Microsoft sells.

Touch controls

In addition to the recalibration tool, the latest update also adds mobile touch controls to the Xbox app for remote play.

You can access your own Xbox console through an iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows device and stream games from there, but you previously had to use a wireless controller. Now you can play more than 100 of the best Xbox games through intuitive touch controls that appear on the screen (much like they do when playing via Xbox Cloud Gaming).

Other Xbox console tweaks

The update also adds new filters to the "My games & apps" menu screen to make it even easier to find the games you want to play. And subscription tabs, such as for EA Play and Ubisoft+, can now be sorted by "Recently added".

Finally, as well as a few other minor fixes, the February Xbox update includes a new access restriction system that allows automatic profile sign-out. This is particularly handy for shared spaces, such as children's hospitals and schools.

In all likelihood the update will have downloaded and installed automatically, but if not you should check your settings to force the update manually.

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