Xbox Series S gets ultimate upgrade

Own an Xbox Series S and like to travel? Then you'll want the xScreen

Xbox Series S with xScreen accessory attached
(Image credit: Upspec Gaming)

In T3's Xbox Series S review we said that it was "stylish, affordable and taps into the very slick Xbox ecosystem seamlessly", as well as praising its "compact design".

Problem was, though, for all its great credentials as a lightweight, streamlined joy box, it did regrettably still need connecting to a screen in order to play.

Enter the xScreen, which surely is the ultimate Xbox Series S accessory.

xScreen, which has been designed by the talented chaps over at Upspec Gaming, is a 11.6" IPS 1080p 60hz screen with in-built stereo speakers that seamlessly connects to the Xbox Series S, transforming it into a full-blown portable games console.

What's so neat about the xScreen, at least from our perspective here at T3, is that it requires no extra power supply or cabling other than the console's original, meaning you'll only even need one power supply to play. 

Xbox Series S console with xScreen attached

(Image credit: Upspec Gaming)

Other neat xScreen features include a built-in Power Off On Close function, with HDMI-CEC commands sent to the Xbox Series S when the lid is closed to turn off the console. The xScreen also has built-in controls for the screen settings.

There's a few accessories for the xScreen accessory as well, including some Stand Feet that allow the Xbox Series S to be stood up, with screen positioned above the console, as well as Colored Latches for attachment and a carry case.

Xbox Series S console with xScreen

(Image credit: Upspec Gaming)

The T3 take: all-in-one gaming heaven

I've been gaming since the late 1980s and the xScreen seems to me to be a bit of history repeating itself in the best possible way.

The earliest home games console with screen built in that I can recall was the Game & Car Navi Hi-Saturn, a unique (and now very rare) version of the Sega Saturn. That model could have a small (by modern standards) LCD screen attached.

In fact, Sega consoles seemed to have a bit of a thing for in-built screens, turning a home console into more of an all-in-one portable system, as there was the (unofficial) Treamcast a little later on, too.

The xScreen seems to build on that heritage, giving Xbox Series S gamers an accessory that, instantly, turns their console into a portable gaming powerhouse.

Yes, you do still need a single power plug to run the console with screen attached, but trains, planes and even automobiles now come with power sockets onboard, while obviously so too do hotels and homes. With xScreen you don't have to worry about finding a screen in order to pack your Xbox Series S and play while travelling.

The reason this all works is that the Xbox Series S is really compact and lightweight. It's super backpack friendly in a way the Xbox Series X isn't.

Do I think the xScreen is an essential purchase for every Xbox Series S gamer? No, obviously not, but for those that travel a lot and want to keep gaming, then xScreen will likely be ideal.

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