Xbox Game Pass Ultimate just got a great free upgrade

Lots of goodies are coming to Xbox owners this month

Xbox Game Pass image showing Xbox Series X and Series S
(Image credit: Microsoft)

A new Xbox Game Pass update combines three of my very favourite things: Game Pass itself, Apple TV+ and Apple Music. Microsoft has just announced that among the latest perks for Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, you can now take advantage of Apple TV+ and Apple Music for three months.

I really rate Apple's streaming services. While Apple TV+ doesn't have the sheer catalogue of Netflix or Disney+ it's invested in some really great original programming ranging from music documentaries to gripping, mind-bending dramas. And Apple Music is great too.

Everything is awesome on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S

That's not all. The Xbox November Update is rolling out now and it's a huge one. It's adding Discord voice chat, improved energy saving options, the new Captures app and more immediate streaming with Twitch, Lightstream and Streamlabs.

The Discord features are going to make a lot of people happy. All you need to do now is open the Guide, scroll to Parties & Chats and select Discord. That'll show you the available servers, and it's just a matter of picking a voice channel to see which of your friends are there. 

As Microsoft explains, the update also include noise suppression in Discord Voice, wish lift gifting and sale notifications, and a new recommendations section in Settings that can help you get the most from your console. 

The update began to roll out yesterday (November 16) so should reach your console imminently. 

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