Xbox Game Pass to axe much-loved adventure with 88% Metacritic score

Hugely popular adventure game to be removed from Game Pass soon, so catch it while you can

Beacon Pines
(Image credit: Hiding Spot)

Beacon Pines is one of those indie games that definitely falls into the "hidden gems" category. Described as "Stranger Things meets Winnie the Pooh", it is a narrative adventure title that isn't only loved by critics – with an 88% score for the Xbox version on Metacritic – it is much-loved by players too.

There are chances though that you've not played it yet, so considering that it will soon disappear from Xbox Game Pass, we thoroughly recommend you give it a go before it's too late. Xbox has announced that it will be removed on 30 September 2023.

Beacon Pines follows the exploits of Luka VanHorn, a pre-teen deer who, with his friends, Rolo and Beck, discovers some mysterious goings-on in his home town.

Developed by indie studio Hiding Spot Games, it is presented in a story book format and has some beautiful graphics. It shouldn't take you long to complete neither, so if you start now you should be able to enjoy it fully before the cut off date.

Also leaving Game Pass this month are Despot's Game, Moonscars, Outriders, Prodeus, and Weird West. PC Game Pass subscribers will also lose Last Call BBS.

However, a great selection of new games will also be available on the service soon, including several day one releases.

Lies of P is now available, for example, with the Soulslike action-adventure being based on the story of Pinocchio – albeit with a much darker twist.

There's also Party Animals, a Fall Guys-style multiplayer game that's coming on 20 September, and Payday 3, which arrives a day later.

Cocoon is another brand-new release, this time from the gameplay designer of Limo and Inside. It will be available from 29 September. And, The Lamplighter's League will  bring its pulp action skills to the platform on 3 October.

One existing game that'll be added to Xbox Game Pass for the first time is Gotham Knights, the Arkham-esque action-adventure starring four of Batman's closest allies.

Oh, and if you are an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber, which includes EA Access, you can start to play EA Sports FC 24 a week early, with a 10-hour trial version available from 22 September.

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