World's stupidest wearable hypnotises you for more success in the bedroom

An Apple Watch rival? No.

Wearables (and smartwatches in particular) aren't usually worn to attract the opposite sex, in fact, we'd say it almost has the opposite effect. But one company are looking to change that.

The Pick Up Girls smartwatch, as the (awful) name suggests, uses a number of 'innovative' technologies to woo the fairer sex.

The smartwatch uses "hypnosis and subliminal programming" to attract women, listening to it every day will make your mind focused, build your confidence, and "become a natural flirt".

It seems this idea was developed while watchingThe Matrix, with the crowdfunding page saying, "Remember the movie, The Matrix, where the hero downloads fighting skills into his brain? Imagine if you could be instantly successful at meeting girls and charming them. Well the future is here now and you can be wearing it on your wrist."

These subliminal messages are transmitted at frequencies below 20Hz, meaning your ear can't detect them but your brain does. These are deep meditation frequencies that "Tibetan monks reach".

As well as hypnotic brain training, the watch will also be waiting to provide you pick up lines, using a kitten watch face so you can say, "Do you want to see my kitten?"

Surprisingly, the watch doesn't actually look that bad, resembling an Apple Watch without the massive bezel.

The campaign page also includes some concrete specs, including 32GB of memory, Wi-Fi, FM radio, Bluetooth 3.0, a camera and compatibility with iPhone or Android.

Prices start at $199 for the standardwatch,and rise to $50,000 to become one of the founding members and to "further research for the advancement of humankind".

The Indiegogo campaign is looking to crowdfund $10,000 (£6,400) to bring the wearable to the market. We're fairly certain it's one massive joke, but wouldn't it be great if the watch did get funded and they had to make it?

How is it doing so far? Not great, with $0 raised in 9 days.

If the reach their goal, the product will begin shipping in December.

We thoroughly recommend you read the Indiegogo page in full here.

Spencer Hart
Style and Travel Editor

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