Windows 10 growth slows as Windows 7 and 8.1 users stay put

The stats for October are still healthy but show a decrease in the rate of growth

It's a new month, so we have a new set of statistics tracking how well Windows 10 adoption is proceeding – and it has grown considerably, albeit at a slower pace than previously.

Both the big desktop OS market share monitoring firms, StatCounter and Netmarketshare, have revealed their figures for October. Let's look at StatCounter first.

StatCounter has Windows 10 pegged at a market share of exactly 9% – meaning that it's now practically level with all the diehards still taking risks on the unsupported Windows XP.

That's a 1.36% increase on September, which is considerably less than the 2.26% jump seen back in August.

Windows 8 and 8.1, by the way, was used by 13.09% of people - down just 0.10% on September. Windows 7, which runs on more than half of all computers, dropped a similarly fractional 0.82 percentage points over October.

As for the figures from Netmarketshare, they don't indicate such a drop in momentum, with the company having Windows 10 on a market share of 7.94%, up from 6.63% in September – an increase of 1.31%.

In this case, that's not much of a slowdown compared to the previous month which witnessed a 1.42% increase in share for Windows 10.

So perhaps Microsoft doesn't have too much to worry about after all, and indeed there's bound to be a little slowdown expected as time passes.

Netmarketshare has Windows 8.1 on 10.68%, so Windows 10 is closing even faster on its predecessor according to them.

Certainly no one would argue that Windows 10 hasn't been a big success so far, particularly compared to Microsoft's previous desktop operating system, which was about as well received as a data breach at a large financial services firm.

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