Where to buy Nintendo Switch: These retailers have stock now

The Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite are in stock now, but selling out fast

Where to buy Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite
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Yes you can pick up a Nintendo Switch right now without being ripped off by an eBay scalper, and yes the Nintendo Switch Lite and top accessories like the Ring Fit Adventure are also in stock. You just have to know where to look and be decisive in making your move.

The good news is that T3 has just made the job of finding a Nintendo Switch a lot easier, as we have scoured all the retailers in the UK, US and Australia to find you the best prices on the hot Nintendo handheld. We've got console-only prices, as well as with games and accessories bundles.

Where to buy Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite in the UK

Nintendo Switch | Neon Red/Blue |  £279.99 at Argos
Argos has the full-fat Nintendo Switch in stock for £279.99, and it is the new version with improved battery life, too. This new listing is already showing "Limited stock" so we advise anyone interested to move fast to avoid disappointment.View Deal

Nintendo Switch | Grey |  £279.99 at Argos
Argos also has the grey version of the full-fat Nintendo Switch in stock for £279.99. This is also the newer console variant with better battery life. "Limited stock" already, though, so get a shift on if you want to score.View Deal

Nintendo Switch | Neon Red/Blue | Super Mario Bros U. | Accessory Pack  £369.99 at Argos
If you want to pick up a great Switch bundle then this peach delivers the console itself as well as the super fun Super Mario Bros U. game and a neat accessory pack for £369.99. The accessory pack includes a case and pair of earphones.View Deal

Nintendo Switch | Neon Red/Blue | Mario Kart 8 | Racing Wheels | Venom Power Pack & Stand  £399.99 at Argos
Finally, in terms of sweet Nintendo Switch bundles we have this crackerjack. This bundle delivers the console and copy of Mario Kart 8, as well as two racing wheel attachments and a battery pack case and stand. For multiplayer racing fun, this delivers big.View Deal

Nintendo Switch Lite | Turquoise | £199.99 at Argos
Argos currently have the turquoise colourway of the Nintendo Switch Lite in stock for its original launch price. Both the yellow and grey colour schemes are also available.View Deal

Nintendo Switch Lite | Yellow | £199.99 at Amazon
The vibrant yellow Nintendo Switch Lite is in stock right now at Amazon for £199 flat. It comes with free delivery, too, and can be bundled for not much more spend with games, cases and online passes.View Deal

Nintendo Switch Lite | Coral Pink | £199.99 at Game
Game has the new Coral Pink colourway of the Switch Lite for £199.99. This console is out of stock at Amazon but also available at this price at Very.View Deal

Nintendo Switch Lite | Zacian and Zamazenta Edition | £296.95 at Amazon
For fans of Pokemon this Zacian and Zamazenta Nintendo Switch Lite is just perfect, and it is in stock now at Amazon. At the time of writing there is 15 consoles left in stock.View Deal

Nintendo Switch Lite | Yellow | £199 at Currys
Currys is also currently selling the Nintendo Switch Lite at £199, and can be picked up in yellow, turquoise and grey for that figure. Currys also has some bundle with game deals on those consoles in stock, too.View Deal

Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure | £69.99 at Argos
The fitness-based accessory that everyone has wanted in lockdown is in stock now at Argos for £69.99. Currently this listing is showing "Limited stock", though, so anyone interested should ring one up quick before stock runs dry again.View Deal

Where to buy Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite in the US

Nintendo Switch Lite | $199 | Available now at B&H Photo
B&H Photo has the Nintendo Switch Lite in grey, yellow and turquoise for $219.99 right now. That's $20 more than RRP, but right now this is one of the best console-only prices out there.View Deal

Nintendo Switch Lite | SanDisk 128GB micro SDXC | $269.98 | Available at Adorama now
Adorama has the Nintendo Switch Lite bundles with a very useful 128GB micro SDZC memory card for $269.98. That's the console and plenty of space to store lots of games.View Deal

Where to buy Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite in Australia

Nintendo Switch Lite: Kogan – AU$329
At the moment, the cheapest Nintendo Switch Lite you'll find from a retailer will set you back AU$329 from Kogan's online store. Not the cheapest deal we've seen lately, but at least it's not higher than the usual RRP. That price is available now across the yellow, grey and turquoise editions of the handheld. Additionally, you can also pre-order the new coral edition at the same price (releases April 24).
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Nintendo Switch Lite: Amazon Australia – from AU$295
In Australia, Amazon's third party sellers are offering the handheld-only Nintendo Switch Lite in yellow, grey, turquoise from AU$295. Not the best price ever (Amazon itself was offering the console much cheaper only a few weeks ago), but might be your only alternative at the moment once the Kogan deal above ends.
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It's worth noting that there are a number of other retailers in Australia who are currently awaiting stock on the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite, so we recommend checking back regularly to see if more units become available.