WhatsApp users are getting another great messaging upgrade

I can't believe this wasn't already a feature

The new WhatsApp message editing feature shown on three device screens, against an off-white background
(Image credit: Meta)

WhatsApp has been on a run of adding great additional features lately. Just last week, users got a brilliant security upgrade with the introduction of Locked Chats. That allows you to hide certain chats in a separate folder and have them password locked, to keep out prying eyes.

Now, another great new feature has dropped. This time, it will be of use when you make mistakes in a message, or make a typo which needs to be corrected.

Starting from today, message editing will be rolling out across devices around the world. Users will be able to edit their message up to 15 minutes after sending it – perfect for when you've mistyped a date or time, or said something which could be misconstrued.

Edited messages will be branded as such, but the edit history won't be visible. That means others in the conversation will know that you've edited the message, but won't be able to see the mistake you made.

I think it's a great upgrade. Most messaging apps these days have some kind of editing functionality, and it's great to see WhatsApp – one of the most popular, and wide-ranging apps – hop on that bandwagon. 

Everyone makes a mistake every now and again, and this functionality makes it easier than ever to correct that. Instead of having reams of deleted messages or "wait, no, ignore that"-style corrections, users can edit and forget about it. It should make chats much cleaner and easier to sift back through.

The feature will come to all users globally, and has already started appearing on devices today. Meta do note that the full roll-out could take a few weeks, though, so don't panic if you haven't got it right away.

Sam Cross
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