What is Dyson launching later this week?

"Causing waves in the beauty industry" says the hot air company

Dyson's latest creation will be revealed later this week. Dubbed #ProjectLion, it's a new departure for the people that have brought us numerous Dyson fan and hot air devices like Airblade hand dryers, Airblade tap and the Dyson Hot and Cool. Dyson says it is "causing waves in the beauty industry".

But what could it be? Check out the teaser video below - it's fairly obvious from the video how big it is...

The description on the video says it has been a long development journey for Dyson: "Over 4 years. Almost £50 million invested in research. 600 prototypes. 103 engineers. Our own bespoke laboratory. It's been a lengthy journey, but Dyson's latest machine is almost here."

We'll have full details for you later in the week!