VOXI just made its best SIM only deal even better with a WHOPPING 60GB of data

The £20 per month plan goes from 45GB to 60GB of data for the same price.

Voxi SIM only deals SIMO
(Image credit: Voxi)

VOXI has been making waves recently as a new entrant into the UK mobile market, with its big ticket offer being unlimited social media usage on all of its SIM Only deals. For a limited time, the company has made this deal even more attractive by boosting the £20 per month plan from 45GB of data to 60GB, all for the same price.

The magic of VOXI, which is owned by Vodafone, is simple: you can browse a huge arrange of social media platforms – think Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp – without cutting into your data at all. It's a pretty sweet deal and we can't really believe they offer it. 

All of their contracts are incredibly flexible, letting you cancel at any time without incurring any kind of penalty. Plus, you get unlimited calls and texts and can make use of free roaming across the EU. Oh, and did we mention there's 60GB of data?

VOXI SIM | £20 per month | 60GB of data, up from 45GB | Unlimited calls and texts | Unlimited social media | Cancel anytime| Available now (opens in new tab)
It does what it says on the tin: you get a huge 60GB of data with unlimited social media that doesn't cut into that allowance, leaving you free to download, upload, stream, tether, and whatever you want all month long. All for £20. It's that simple.

So, if you or someone you know (a child, perhaps) is in the market for a contract that lets them browse social media all day long and still have an enormous amount of data to play with, VOXI is offering the exact right deal. The offer ends on April 16.

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