Voxi Black Friday SIM only deal delivers big data, free roaming and no contract

Say hello to Voxi's "Endless" SIM only deal. It's a Black Friday big data bargain!

Black Friday SIM only deal Voxi
(Image credit: Voxi)

The Black Friday deals are dropping left, right and center already, and among the best we've seen to date has been in the area of SIM only offers. That said, though, we've seen nothing that offers such a brilliant all-round package without contract as this doozy of a deal from Voxi, though.

That's because Voxi is currently offering a contract free SIM only plan that delivers unlimited minutes and texts, 20GB of data and endless social media and roaming (meaning that your data allowance is not eaten into when using any social media, and that you can use your allowance without cost abroad in Europe) for just £15 per month.

That's a cancel anytime, contract free plan that, in T3's opinion, delivers across the board, and will be especially good for anyone who enjoys spending a lot of time on social media.

The full details of the Voxi Endless SIM only deal can be viewed below:

Voxi Endless SIM | Unlimited mins and texts | 20GB of data | No contract | Endless Social Media | Endless Roaming | £15 per month
This is a very competitive price for a great all-round SIM only package on its own. But then when you factor in that it is contract free, meaning you can cancel at any time and not be tied to a plan for a year or two, truly makes it a Black Friday bargain. The endless social media and roaming are brilliant extras, too.
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Voxi, which is a network powered by Vodafone, is also great as it makes switching to one of its SIM plans incredibly easy, taking literally all the stress and pain out of the process. You simply enter your name and address to get a SIM, send a single text to get a PAC code, and then choose a Voxi plan and enter the PAC code in your online account. It literally couldn't be simpler.

Like the idea of the Voxi deal but aren't so much into social media? Then this competing SIM only deal from Smarty is worth a look instead. It delivers the same unlimited texts and calls, but instead of giving you 20GB of data and unlimited use of social media (where your data allowance isn't touched), this deal gives you 45GB of data outright. If you are into streaming lots of ultra HD video content online, for example, then this extra data will definitely come in use.

Supercharge Large Plan | 45GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £15 per month | 12-month contract | Available now at Smarty
45GB of data is blow your socks off large, and for all intents and purposes unlimited, as you'd have to seriously burn through data like there is no tomorrow to get anywhere near that number each month. Unlimited minutes and texts, as well as free delivery, are also included.View Deal

If, though, you consider yourself a very heavy data user, then this unlimited data deal from Three is definitely worth considering. It bags you unlimited texts, calls and data for a flat £20 per month on a 24-month contract. Three is well known now for its unlimited data deals, and two members of the T3 team are currently on the same plan due to the endless data and excellent roaming features.

Three mobile SIM only deal | Unlimited data, texts and calls | £20 a month (24-month plan)
Want the freedom to stream the entire extended Lord of the Rings trilogy in 4K, to be then followed by the downloading of the entire Harry Potter series of films in 8K? Well, then, this is the data plan for you, as you get unlimited, unthrottled data for £20 per month. Three's Go Roam Around the World feature is also included, allowing you to use your allowance abroad, and as with the deal above, the SIM is 5G ready. Free delivery is included.View Deal

Finally, if you like the idea of the three deals above but are ideally looking to spend even less money, then this sweet spot deal from Three is worth scoping out. For £13 a month you get unlimited minutes and texts, as well as a healthy 12GB of data, which is comfortably more than the average phone user gets through each month. As such, if you spend much of your working and home life in the vacinity of Wi-Fi connections, then this deal could be a great way to save yourself money.

Three mobile SIM only deal | 12GB data | Unlimited texts and calls | £13 a month (24-month plan)
We think this SIM only deal is ideal for the vast majority of phone users, with a large 12GB of data delivered along with unlimited minutes and texts for just £13 per month. Three's excellent extras are also included, so you get its best-in-class roaming ability, for example, and the SIM is also 5G ready, too. Free delivery is included.View Deal

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