Vodafone Pro Broadband launches, offers rapid whole home internet for £35 p/m

Vodafone's new Pro Broadband internet package is here, and it offers huge value and features

Vodafone broadband deals
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Vodafone has been increasingly killing it as of late with its broadband offering, with its packages frequently appearing in T3's broadband comparison feature.

Well, now it has outdone even its own recent high standards with the launch of Vodafone Pro Broadband, which is a new broadband package that delivers up to 900Mbps speeds as well as a whole home WiFi coverage guarantee, for only £35 per month.

That whole home WiFi guarantee comes in the form of up to three Super WiFi signal boosters, if they are needed, as part of the installation.

And, what's even better about this new broadband package is that it also includes Vodafone's Broadband Backup feature. This is a 4G dongle that is connected to the user's router which, if the broadband connection goes down, automatically kicks in, meaning that the user is never without internet.

Here at T3 we see a lot of broadband packages, and can confirm that this new Pro Broadband offering from Vodafone looks incredible. The full details of which can be viewed below:

Vodafone Pro Broadband | 35Mbps up to 900Mbps | Whole Home WiFi | £35 per month
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Vodafone Pro Broadband | 35Mbps up to 900Mbps | Whole Home WiFi | £35 per month
Here's a great new broadband package from Vodafone. It offers internet speeds up to 900Mbps depending on where you live, as well as whole home WiFi coverage with up to three signal boosters included in the price, for just £35. That's excellent value.

In addition, the Vodafone Pro Broadband package also includes access to Vodafone's team of highly-trained 'Wi-Fi Xperts', which are always on hand to ensure the best possible home broadband experience. And it also includes a whole year of Nortal 360 Premium antivirus software free, too.

To see how Vodafone Pro Broadband compares to the rest of the market, be sure to check out our broadband comparison tool below, which shows the very best packages available on the market.

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