Virgin Media's new fibre broadband deals are fantastic

With Virgin Media's new fibre broadband deals, you can get super fast speeds for as little as £28/month right now.

Virgin Media fibre broadband deals
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Virgin Media are well known for offering some of the fastest and most reliable fibre broadband deals around, and they've recently stepped up their range of fibre broadband offerings across the board, adding even more speed and some nice freebies.

The most notable change is bringing their M500 fibre broadband to all tiers, giving you lightning fast speeds without paying for a high-end package. The cheapest M100 deal on offer sets you back just £28/month with 108 Mbps average speeds.

If you're allergic to jargon, 108 Mbps is easily fast enough for basically anything you want to do, be that binging Netflix, browsing the web, working from home, and playing games online. If that sounds like something you want then you're in luck, the M100 deal is for you. 

One thing you should be wary of is having multiple people using your broadband at once, which can affect speeds, especially if you're into playing games (as many of us at T3 are, too). For those kind of needs, Virgin offers some more expensive deals with fast speeds to handle the load, like the M200 package.

Whichever deal you choose, Virgin has made the standard contract length just 18 months – down from the usual 24 months – and offers broadband-only packages, so you don't need to sign up for related phone costs that you won't make use of. 

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Virgin Media M100 Fibre Broadband | 18 month contract | 108 Mbps average download speeds | 10 Mbps average upload speeds | £35 setup fee | £28/month | Available from Virgin (opens in new tab)
For the majority of people, the M100 deal is perfect: fast speeds, low prices, and plenty of coverage across your house from its brand new routers. If your usage habits are fairly standard – watching, surfing, a bit of gaming – this is the deal for you.

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Virgin Media M200 Fibre Broadband | 18 month contract | 213 Mbps average download speeds | 20 Mbps average upload speeds | £35 setup fee | £34/month | Available from Virgin (opens in new tab)
As the name suggests, this is the deal for those of you that have slightly more hardy needs for your broadband, perhaps because you work from home or there are more of you in the house. Luckily, Virgin has you covered.

Whatever your needs, Virgin Media has you covered with their newly upgraded fibre broadband packages, offering a smaller 18 month contract and some seriously tempting prices. You can't really go wrong. 

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