Vauxhall ADAM has first smartphone-powered SatNav

iPhone or Android apps power the cars entertainment system

While it may not be a £1 million supercar the Vauxhall ADAM does offer a world first, instead of having an in-car entertainment system it uses your iPhone or Android smartphone

Vauxhall will soon be launching the ADAM, the first car that ditches the idea of using in-car entertainment systems that quickly age. Instead the ADAM features a 7-inch touchscreen, and a system called IntelliLink which uses your iPhone 5 or Android smartphone to power the system.

Connecting via Bluetooth or USB you'll be able to download a dedicated Maps app onto the iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3 and then use that app as a SatNav for the car. When you're done you can park up, disconnect the smartphone and continue using the app on foot.

The same applies to multimedia functions as well with the IntelliLink system using a dedicated Podcast app called Stitcher which when connected gives the driver access to over 10,000 podcasts.

The ethos of sharing continues with all of your smartphones music, videos and pictures all viewable on the high-resolution 7-inch touchscreen making full use of the iPhone's new 8-Megapixel snapper.

While Vauxhall remained tight-lipped about future apps they have said they plan to have a full portfolio of apps available on both iOS and Android making sure the IntelliLink system is used to its full potential.

The ADAM isn't just debuting the IntelliLink system you'll also find Vauxhall's brand-new Advanced Park Assist II which features a level of intelligence that would make your average Terminator blush.

Using a series of ultrasonic sensors and their Side Blind Spot Alert system the car will find a parking space big enough for it and then park the car, all you have to do is make sure you don't floor it.

With complete customisation options right down to the colour of the wheel spokes Vauxhall is hoping the ADAM will become the citycar of choice and in keeping with its off-the-wall image the company hired Brit designer Fred Butler among others to create their own version in the video below.

Thomas Tamblyn

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