Upgrading your broadband with Vodafone suddenly looks much more appealing

Vodafone has just launched its Pro II Ultra broadband hub, and it delivers next-gen Wi-Fi 6E performance

Vodafone Pro II’s Ultra Hub for home broadband
(Image credit: Vodafone)

For anyone currently trawling broadband comparison engines to get the best home internet connectivity and speeds, then Vodafone suddenly looks like a supplier to check out or, if you already have, take a second look at.

That's because Vodafone has just officially announced its brand new Pro II Ultra broadband hub, which delivers the latest hotness in wireless internet connectivity – Wi-Fi 6E.

This means that the Pro II Ultra hub can have over 150 devices connected to it at once and, thanks to a Super WiFi 6E Booster, connectivity remains incredibly strong even over the biggest homes.

For those who aren't in the know, Wi-Fi 6E is the latest standard in wireless connectivity that utilizes the 6GHz wireless spectrum for communication. In layman's terms, this means faster internet speeds and lower latencies across the network, two things that everyone who runs a broadband Wi-Fi network wants.

How fast? According to Vodafone the Pro II Ultra hub unlocks speeds that are up to 25 times that of standard broadband.

Speaking on the launch, Max Taylor, Chief Commercial Officer for Vodafone UK said that:

"Vodafone Pro II sets the new standard for the UK broadband market. It combines the UK’s fastest and most reliable WiFi technology in the all new Vodafone Ultra Hub router with the UK’s largest full fibre footprint."

Vodafone Pro II’s Ultra Hub for home broadband

(Image credit: Vodafone)

The T3 take: Wi-Fi 6E is very desirable and future-proofed

T3 has reviewed a handful of Wi-Fi 6E routers to date, including many that deliver the best mesh networks such as the Asus ZenWiFi Pro ET12 and Netgear Orbi Wi-Fi 6E (RBKE963), and we've been incredibly impressed with the performance on offer.

So, the fact that if you bag specific broadband packages with Vodafone you get this Wi-Fi 6E router included in your deal feels like a definite boon. It looks like a top, future-proofed piece of hardware that, when fed a good broadband connection, will be able to deliver rapid Wi-Fi all around even the biggest homes.

From my perspective, the importance of a top-class home Wi-Fi network is more important than ever in 2022. The amount of devices that need strong Wi-Fi to work best, such as consoles, TVs, smart home devices and even kitchen appliances, just keeps growing, so having a network that can go the distance is crucial.

Vodafone, with its Pro II Ultra launch, seems to recognize this, and it makes a great case from my point of view to consider when next upgrading a broadband connection.

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