Ulysse Nardin unveils Freak [S Nomad]... and I still don’t know how it tells time

The Ulysse Nardin Freak [S Nomad] makes me excited and confused at the same time

Ulysse Nardin Freak [S Nomad]
(Image credit: Ulysse Nardin)

Ulysse Nardin has debuted its latest version of the Freak at Watches and Wonders.

The Freak [S Nomad] is the first iteration of ‘the Superlative Freak’ and features a guilloché barrel cover and a unique DiamondSIL material.

Another Watches and Wonders event can only mean one thing: Ulysse Nardin is debuting another Freak watch! The new Ulysse Nardin Freak [S Nomad] is the first new iteration of ‘the Superlative Freak’ which was unveiled back in 2022, except this version is pushing the limits of expert technicality and construction.

The original Freak was launched in 2001, and it shocked many watch enthusiasts with its lack of dial, hands and crown, making it almost impossible to tell the time. Since then, iterations of the Freak have become more outrageous, including the Freak ONE which was announced at the Watches and Wonders 2023 event.

Now, Ulysse Nardin is going even bigger with the Freak [S Nomad]. Sticking with the original Freak’s design, the Freak [S Nomad] still has no dial, hands or crown, but a spaceship-eque design, made by the Freak [S Nomad]’s Calibre UN-251 Manufacture movement.

Drawing all the attention, the watch’s movement is a flying carousel that rotates around its axis, with two oscillating with silicon balance wheels inclined at 20-degrees. The wheels give the look of launch pads while the arrow looks like a rocket, both of which make the entire movement look three-dimensional underneath its sapphire crystal case.

Ulysse Nardin Freak [S Nomad]

(Image credit: Ulysse Nardin)

So, how exactly do you tell the time on the Freak [S Nomad]? As with all the Freak iterations, the Freak [S Nomad] indicates the time through rotation. The two bridges rotate around the centre to indicate the minutes and hours, with the big arrow showing the hour and the nose cone of the ‘rocket’ is for the minutes. The movement pivots and makes a complete turn on itself in an hour, making it even more fun to look at.

Encapsulated in a 45mm case, the Freak [S Nomad] is an experimental mix of materials, including titanium, carbon fibre, and a silicium and synthetic material called DiamondSIL. The silicium components of the  Freak [S Nomad] escapement are coated in a layer of artificial diamond to optimise performance, and help with abrasion resistance. It also makes the watch look more dramatic, if that’s possible!

The Ulysse Nardin Freak [S Nomad] is complete with two strap options: an anthracite rubber ballistic strap and a matte anthracite alligator strap. Limited to 99 pieces, the Freak [S Nomad] is sure to stand out amongst other timepieces at this week’s Watches and Wonders event.

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