Twitch app is finally coming to more 4K TVs, not just LG

Twitch is rare on smart TVs, but it's coming to all JVC and Hitachi TVs in Europe, among others

Vestel TVs Twitch
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While most streaming services like to be on every system going, Twitch has always been a bit less free and easy with where you can find its apps, with most of the best TVs missing out… and even the best gaming TVs. But a big selection of European TV models from JVC, Hitachi, Telefunken and Techwood will now get an official Twitch app, making it easier to keep up with your favourite streamers.

All smart TVs from these brands ranging back to June 2018 will be updated with the new Twitch app, which is a nice touch. These brands are all manufactured by TV super-maker Vestel, which has another big brand that's missing from this announcement: Toshiba. We expect Toshiba TVs to follow suit, but there's no confirmation as yet.

A native Twitch app on a smart TV is a rare thing – the biggest name to offer it is LG on its webOS TVs such as the LG CX and LG BX. On the many Android TVs out there, the simplest option is to find what you want to watch on the Twitch app on your phone, and then Cast it to your TV.

Twitch is available on some set-top boxes, though, including Amazon's Fire TV Stick and Apple TV, so adding extra hardware (and cost) to other TVs can give you Twitch access.

However, many of Vestel's models are aimed more in the budget range (and at smaller sizes than a lot of high-end TVs), so it's great for gaming fans to have an easy Twitch option on well-priced 4K HDR TVs, in sizes suited to bedrooms and offices.

Vestel says that the Twitch-ready update for JVC, Hitachi, Telefunken and Techwood TVs should be rolling out immediately.

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