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Vaonis Hestia
(Image credit: Vaonis)

If you've ever wanted to put even the nightography and zoom of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra to shame, chances are you'll probably need one of the best telescopes. That could however be about to change.

The Vaonis Hestia smart telescope for smartphones is an ingenious upcoming take on the telescope that makes it easier than ever to navigate the stars. Having already smashed its Kickstarter goal, expect to see one on a clear night near you soon.

With all of us carrying around a camera 24/7 the Hestia uses your phone's sensors along with a 30mm lens and series of prisms to bring the stars to your smartphone with the clarity of optical zoom. It doesn't matter which of the best phones you have either, with removable magnets adjusting the system for your device, you'll be able to get some impressive shots on any smartphone.

Vaonis Hestia

(Image credit: Vaonis)

With Kickstarter prices starting at $149, it's a great entry point into stargazing that only requires you know to how to use a phone and doesn't involve lugging around a heavy scope. As you're looking at a screen rather than directly at the sun for example, it's also a safer way to enjoy our solar system. Users can even use the Gravity by Vaonis app to interact with key landmarks in our sky, making it a great education tool that we're bound to see a few teachers or scout leaders make the most of.

With a rare, generational even, total solar eclipse due for April 8th 2024, Hestia pre-order units will reach backers by the end of this year, giving you plenty of time to get ready for the main event. Hestia may be the Greek Goddess of the hearth but we're definitely excited to get outside and get hands-on to make a day (or night) of it.

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