Tubmarine launches luxury sustainable ice bath...and you won't believe the price

Struggling to buy for someone who has already everything this Christmas? Here you go

Tubmarine luxury ice bath
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Whether you've tried one or not, it's pretty obvious that ice baths are not for the faint hearted. As shocking as they can be, they've hugely increased in popularity during recent years, meaning there's now a lot of studies that explore the benefits of taking one regularly. We've actually summed these up already - check out the 5 benefits of taking ice baths if you're interested. 

Well, there's one brand that will know more about this than anyone. Tubmarine was launched in 2013 with the aim of creating a world leading hot tub. It began collaborating with engineers and suppliers in the UK and Europe to produce a range of luxury wood-fired hot tubs. Building upon this success, Tubmarine has now launched a new stainless steel ice bath, designed to deliver optimum performance in athletic recovery. However, coming in at £19,450 or $24,231, it's certainly no bargain. 

The design is available in three colourways – stainless steel, slate grey and stone – with the metal exterior complemented by subtle wood accenting. Finished with sustainably sourced Kebony wood, the Tubmarine ice brath brings the versatility and aesthetic of Norwegian timber to any home, without the environmental cost.

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Tubmarine ice bath

(Image credit: Tubmarine)

The Tubmarine ice bath's high-quality Italian chiller system allows for precise temperature control and efficient cooling. It can be thermostatically controlled down to 5 degrees, helping to reduce inflammation and promote rapid recovery. As mentioned, improved recovery is just one of a range of health benefits associated with regular ice bathing, including boosted immune system, reduced anxiety, improved circulation and a better night's sleep.

By using Kebony wood, the ice bath has a significantly reduced water sensitivity, does not splinter, and contains no toxins or chemicals, guaranteeing the required longevity and low maintenance. With no additional wood treatment required and a 5-year guarantee, the Tubmarine ice bath is easy to maintain and long-lasting, making it a worthwhile investment despite the price tag. 

Chris Galley, Founder of Tubmarine commented: “When I set up Tubmarine, I realised that I needed to use a timber that would complement the robustness of the stainless steel. I needed a hardwood, but it had to be sustainable. After much research, I came across Kebony and it ticked all the boxes: durable, stable, environmentally friendly and aesthetically beautiful. It’s central to the stylish design and I’m delighted with the result.” 

Nina Landbø, International Sales Manager at Kebony added: “As an awareness of the impacts of climate change becomes more prominent, there is an increasing demand for environmentally friendly products. The Tubmarine offers a perfect solution to homeowners who are looking to ensure that their lifestyle is as eco-friendly as possible, whilst also maintaining a sense of luxury and leisure.”  

The Tubmarine ice bath is now available to purchase online, with options for worldwide shipping and a UK-wide installation service. Prices start at £19,450 or $24,231. 


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