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As a writer, I'm meant to be completely opposed to AI in all forms, but as a Tech Writer, I'm also meant to be massively excited by the serious innovation it brings. In truth, I'm somewhere in between. I don't want AI to take my job, but I do want to simulate a hypothetical fight between all of the Teletubbies. You can see my dilemma. 

The area of our everyday lives that AI has some of the most obvious improvements to make is computing. After all, no one knows how to use your laptop better than itself, and Microsoft has just launched its Copilot Pro subscription service in 222 countries. But you don't have to pay the £20/$20 monthly fee just yet.

To get a free one-month trial of Copilot Pro, just download the mobile app (on iOS or Android) and you'll be on your way. But what does Copilot Pro actually get you?

Microsoft Copilot

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Well in addition to the benefits of the free Copilot service, you can also access the latest GPT-4 and GPT-4 Turbo models at peak times. As for image generation you recieve 100daily  'boosts' to create quicker AI images rather than the standard 15. That's handy but not particularly groundbreaking. 

The biggest draw for the technical-minded will be the chance to design your own Copilot GPTS for specific jobs. For example, you could have an AI designed specifically to recommend what to cook based on the items in your fridge. Most people however will be after the AI integration with Microsoft's Office suite, namely Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook. 

These are the big productivity features, asking an AI to design slides, summarise a Word document or make an email more formal in Outlook can be a massive timesaver. If you don't use Microsoft Office 365 I'd say it's better to just stick to the free version of Copilot, or subscribe to a dedicated AI image generator like Midjourney. 

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