Top Android phone leaker busts chops – calls out Samsung Galaxy S23

"Facts are weapons that can pierce any beliefs, rumors, and fantasies"

Samsung Galaxy S23 being held by a woman with a white jacket on
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The Samsung Galaxy S23 range of handsets has received a mixed response ahead of its slated launch early in 2023, but now a top Android phone leaker has called the handset out over how its leaked specs will compare unfavorably to other contemporary rivals.

Speaking on Twitter, famous Android phone leakster Ice universe states that:

"The mobile phones recently released by China brand[s] all offer the choice of 12GB or 16GB RAM, which is the norm. Whether it's a flagship or a low-end phone. But I can confirm 100% that Samsung's Galaxy S23 and S23+ still only provide 8GB RAM. Samsung users are really miserable."

Before then continuing the Samsung Galaxy chop busting by adding that:

"That said, when you're using the S23 for multitasking and gaming, the 8GB can easily fill up, and you have no choice but to watch the background tasks get killed, or switch to another phone. Facts are weapons that can pierce any beliefs, rumors, and fantasies. Facts are the most powerful, whether you accept it or not."

The comments come following multiple full spec leaks for the Samsung Galaxy S23, such as this one, which show only 8GB RAM offered for S23 and S23+. Ice accompanies his comments above, though, with pictures showing contemporary handsets from rival Chinese firms that all offer 12GB or greater models.

The T3 take: Ice is clearly having some fun, but there's an uncomfortable truth in his comments

In my opinion, Ice is having a bit of fun here with these comments, but regardless I do think that they hide a rather uncomfortable truth – single-screen Samsung Galaxy phones are no longer the standout technical leaders that they once were.

Indeed, I've written previously that I feel that Samsung's Galaxy "S-series has crept closer to the mid-range each year over the past 2-3 years" and that now "Samsung's single-screen flagships and mid-range phones are so close" it's hard to justify opting for the more expensive handset unless you go for a range-topping Ultra.

But that problem is exacerbated by the fact that multiple rival Android phone brands now offer Samsung Galaxy Ultra-level specs and performance but for prices that match or better the standard Samsung Galaxy S-series phones. These handsets are also beating Samsung's Galaxy flagships to hot new tech, too, such as 200MP camera sensors.

Just take the recently released Vivo X90 Pro+ as an example – this phone comes with a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra-matching/beating spec, is out now, and is retailing for less than the Galaxy S23 Ultra is slated to do next year. Crucially, and in direct relevance to Ice's comments above, the Vivo phone will come with 12GB of RAM. It will also come with Sony's new 1-inch IMX989 sensor, which on paper is thought to be superior to that coming on the S23 Ultra.

Yes, sure, the Vivo X90 Pro+ isn't yet out in global markets, but it is scheduled to and is being joined by plenty of other Android phones with excellent specs that rival the best Samsung Galaxy currently has to offer and, crucially, is expected to offer early next year in the S23.

The point I'm making is that while Samsung Galaxy phones continue to deliver great all-around experiences for most people, and rarely disappoint in any area, for enthusiasts they no longer seem to offer the best tech first, or at the best prices. That crown now seems to reside, as Ice universe notes, with Chinese Android phone makers like Vivo, Oppo and OnePlus.

Do I think this is a problem for Samsung? Not necessarily because, as I've also written about before, I feel the South Korean maker has pivoted to see its best folding phones as its technical leaders, and the area where it's really focussing its time and resources going forward following excellent sales over the last year.

But it does mean that, if somebody were to come to me and say, "hey Rob, I want the best-specced Android phone on the market today, what should I buy?", I'd advise them to scope out far more than just the offering from the latest Samsung Galaxy S-series, as I agree with Ice that it is definitely a fact that rivals phones are offering as much, if not more, for less now.

Of course, there's far more to making a good phone than just hardware specs and performance, such as software and features, but let me tell you – it sure goes a long way, and with people using their phones more and more as their primary personal computing device, having as much hardware at your disposal sounds attractive to me.

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