The best Super Bowl 2022 commercials from Sunday night

The slots cost millions per second and sometimes provide more entertainment than what's happening on the field. These are the best adverts we saw

Super Bowl 56
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Super Bowl 56 kicked off on Sunday, Feb 13 in Los Angeles with the LA Rams against the Cincinnati Bengals. On top of the action on the field, Dr Dre lead a star-studded line-up for the halftime show and every ad break was filled with the finest creative pieces of the year. 

Yes, the commercials that grace the Super Bowl ad breaks have become legendary across the globe. Not just for how much the ad space costs (up to $7 million for 30 seconds) but for the clever stories and A-list stars in them. Just take a look at last year's Super Bowl 55 adverts.

This year was no exception and while crypto companies were the new addition, it was the household names that delivered the laughs. Just in case you missed them on the night, these were the real MVPs. 

1. Amazon Alexa with Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost

Avengers star Scarlett Johansson and SNL's Colin Jost are a real-life married couple and star in Amazon's Super Bowl ad. They discover what it would be like if Amazon Alexa was actually physic. 

2. Flamin' Hot Doritos with Megan Thee Stallion

In a classic Super Bowl ad style, animals recreate the sounds of Salt-N-Pepper's classic Push It thanks to the addition of a tasty snack. It gets better with each watch. 

3. Lays with Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd

It's Seth Rogen's wedding day, so Seth and Paul Rudd are looking back at some of their best times, all of which feature Lay's potato chips. It's a simple story with a slightly unexpected ending. 

4. Sam Adams with Boston Dynamics

Beer and advanced robots don't seem like a natural pairing but with the help of the Samuel Adams long-time character, Your Cousin from Boston, it kinda works. Who doesn't love dancing robots?

5. BMW with Arnie and Salma Hayek

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Zeus retiring to Palm Springs for an easy life is plagued by the demands for electricity. At least the new BMW iX EV can make him happy. 

6. Kia and the robot dog

Who needs celebrities when you've got a cute robot dog and a Bonnie Tyler soundtrack. Our hero dog is on a quest to catch up with the EV6. Turn around, bright eyes!

7. McDonald's with Kanye West

McDonald's brings a bit of humor to the night with its 'can I get aaaahhhh...' including a surprise appearance appearance from Kanye. We've all done it and I know that i'll probably order my usual anyway. 

8. Coinbase

Fans of The Office will recognize the bouncing square in the Coinbase commercial which bounced around the black screen for the entirety of the ad. The square contained a QR code though, and if you scanned it you could enter into its competition to win $3 million in Bitcoin. So many people did though, that the site crashed. 

9. Polestar

Polestar kept things simple with its ad, with a series of statements. Though it did manage a pretty direct pop at Tesla along the way. 

10. Nissan with Eugene Levy 

This is a Super Bowl ad by numbers. Starring the icon that is Eugene Levy (Schitt's Creek) as the unlikely Thrill Driver. Cue comedy, cameos and explosions and you have a perfect ad. Oh and some nice shots of both the new Nissan Z Coupe and the all-electric Ariya at the end. 

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