Top 3 new shows to watch on Netflix for June 2023

From superheroes to super cycling, here's what to stream now

Aaron Paul in Black Mirror
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With no signs of slowing down on new releases, Netflix has remained one of the most consistent streaming services for original shows throughout 2023. If it isn't everyone's obsession with the psychological thriller You, it's the Briderton spinoff full of scandal in Queen Charlotte, or even the first TV series starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Netflix has it all.

The daily dilemma is deciding what to watch amid all of this goodness. Yes, we could rewatch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia once again or do the unthinkable... and try something new. Well, every month T3 rounds up what's new, what's worth talking about, and more importantly, what's worth watching. That can be anything from critical darlings to internet hits to smaller series that just resonate with us for whatever reason.

One thing to note before jumping into our top picks for the month is that this roundup is designed for Netflix subscribers in the UK, however, lots of these shows can be found globally. All Netflix Originals, for instance, are available in every territory but if not, there's always the option to use a VPN and start streaming. It's also just generally useful when abroad, say if you want to catch up on a show back home. With that out the way, let's jump into the best new shows to watch on Netflix for June 2023. 

Tour de France: Unchained 

Tour de France 2022

(Image credit: Netflix / A.S.O./ Charly Lopez)

21 stages. 23 days. 198 cyclists. Taking place for over a century now, the Tour de France is the most prestigious event in cycling. Now Netflix has gained exclusive behind-the-scenes access for the most gruelling bike race, from the riders to the team managers and everyone else in between. It's set to be a fascinating insight into the 2022 event, looking at how the competitors prepare in the days before right up until that final push to the finish line in Paris, France. Sports documentaries from Netflix have been a highlight in recent years – The Last Dance is a must-see – and Tour de France: Unchained looks set to be the next major talking point.  

Titans – season 4 

Jay Lycurgo as Tim Drake, Ryan Potter as Gar Logan, Teagan Croft as Raven and Brenton Thwaites as Dick Grayson in Titans

(Image credit: Netflix)

Titans' quality has been questionable from season to season, to say the least. There's something about the superhero show that has landed with me since day one, though. Whether it be seeing live-action Nightwing played by the loveable Brenton Thwaites, the empowering performance by Anna Diop as Starfire, or the relatable friendship between Raven and Beast Boy, there's always been something that has helped me stay onboard for the journey. Even amid some mixed writing, the action has also proven to be pretty inventive from time to time with a rogue's gallery of DC villains (lots of Batman's foes) showing up too. 

Now on to its fourth and final season, Titans picks up with the group heading back to San Francisco, only to get distracted by a supernatural cult with powers in Metropolis. Considering the number of cancellations happening on a regular basis, it's great that Titans is able to end on its own terms. 

Titans season four is available to stream on Netflix from June 25th, 2023. Those in the US can find Titans on HBO Max. 

Black Mirror - Season 6 

Annie Murphy in Black Mirror

(Image credit: Netflix)

One of the best decisions Netflix ever made was acquiring the rights from Channel 4 to the British anthology series, Black Mirror. It's an absolute treat whenever a new set of episodes drop on the streaming service, diving into whatever dystopian concoction creator Charlie Brooker has thought of in his time away – a four-year absence this time! 

Usually dealing with themes of technology gone wrong, every episode stands alone with big names set to appear across its five-episode run for season 6, such as Aaron Paul, Annie Murphy, Himesh Patel, Josh Hartnett, Kata Mara, Michael Cera, Rob Delaney, Rory Culkin, Salma Hayek Pinault, and Zazie Beetz. This is without a doubt one of the most anticipated shows of the year and is always better to go in as blind as possible for maximum impact. Just make sure to break up the incredibly dark topics with some sunshine and fresh air. 

Black Mirror is available to stream on Netflix from June 15th, 2023. 

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