Top 3 new movies to watch on Disney Plus for January 2022

From Marvel to the magical Madrigals

Encanto Madrigal family
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As the new kid on the block, Disney Plus has had quite the mountain to climb to compete with the likes of Netflix, Amazon and the bazillion other streaming services out there. Of course, this hasn't been a problem for the House of the Mouse, offering oodles worth of original entertainment to keep consumers content for months on end.

With more and more movies arriving on Disney Plus so soon after debuting in the cinema – and in some cases on day-and-date – the decision of what to watch just became even harder. Fear not! We've scoured everything the Walt Disney Company has on offer to make sure you know exactly what's worth your time and what to start streaming right away.

These picks have been taken from Disney Plus in the UK, however, the majority of content is pretty ubiquitous across the globe. Still, if you are curious about what's available in other territories, make sure to check out the best VPNs on the market today.


Walt Disney Animation Studios' latest flick, Encanto, is a musical fantasy comedy starring Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Stephanie Beatriz. With original songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda, including the chart-topping "We Don't Talk About Bruno", Encanto most recently won the Best Animated Feature Film award at the Golden Globes.

The film follows the everyday lives of the magical Madrigals – focusing on protagonist Mirabel who, unlike her family, does not possess any superhuman abilities. When Mirabel discovers that these powers may disappear for good, it's up to her to find out what's going on and what happened to her ostracised uncle, Bruno. It's a charming one hour and 42 minutes that the whole family can enjoy. You can't go wrong.  


Eternals group shot

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Directed by Chloé Zhao (Nomadland), Eternals is the 26th film in the MCU and tells the story of a group of ancient superheroes who have protected the Earth since the dawn of man. Once a new threat emerges, one thought lost through the ages, the group must reunite to save all of humanity.

While nowhere near the heights of Avengers: Endgame or Spider-Man: No Way Home, Eternals is visually stunning, admirably ambitious and deals with existential themes. It's got a packed cast too: Gemma Chan, Richard Madden, Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Kumail Nanjiani and Kit Harrington, to name a few. Not to mention, one of the biggest shock mid-credits cameos in the MCU to date.  

The Big Short

The Big Short Poster

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One of my personal favourite films of the last decade. The Big Short sees director Adam McKay (Vice, Don't Look Up) tackle the financial events leading up to the housing market crash of 2007 – and somehow makes it digestible. 

Honestly, I can't say enough good things, whether that be the unconventional editing, powerful performances across the board, or just how horrifically truthful the screenplay plays out from the material it pulls from. Alongside the top talents of Christian Bale, Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt, the biographical comedy-drama breaks down key financial information with the help of some wonderful celebrity cameos, somehow turning what should be a straight-up snore-fest into a must-watch for any cinephile.

Looking for movies throughout January? Well, check out our top picks for Disney Plus throughout the month – including a new Marvel release. 

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