Top 3 new movies to watch on Amazon Prime Video for April 2023

From Godzilla to George Miller, here's what to stream now

Triangle of Sadness
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Amidst increased competition, Amazon has been levelling its Prime Video streaming service up in recent months with more exclusive new releases than ever before. We're even seeing a much faster turnaround from theatrical to streaming with blockbusters, indie darlings and award-winning movies all hitting the platform as of late. 

Consequently, the difficult decision of what to watch has only increased, turning this first-world problem into a real dilemma that common issue that affects us all. Too many movies, too little time! We hear you loud and clear. That's why T3 rounds up the latest and greatest movies on Amazon Prime Video in one place, so you can choose from a few new releases as opposed to the seemingly dozens that are added on a near-daily basis. 

What's worth noting is that these films are aimed at those with an Amazon Prime Video UK subscription, so there is a chance that some of these picks might not be available in your territory. Usually, we'd recommend taking out a VPN to access the catalogue – similar to how Netflix operates – however, this doesn't actually work with Amazon. It's the only streamer that gets around it, so the best way to watch something on Prime Video if not included in the service is to buy the movie via VOD. Clear? Crystal. With that out the way, let's dive into the best new movies to check out on Amazon Prime Video for April 2023.  

Triangle of Sadness 

Triangle of Sadness

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Following the trend of black comedies, such as The Menu and The White Lotus, Triangle of Sadness surrounds a celebrity model couple who are invited on a luxury cruise for the wealthy, only for a shipwreck to leave everyone onboard stranded upon a deserted island. The less you know about this one the better. Just watch it! It's incredibly well-written, has witty dark humour and even features Woody Harrelson. It's been awash with praise, earning itself three Oscar nominations and the Best Film awards at the European Film Awards, all cementing its status as a must-watch. 

Three Thousand Years of Longing 

Three Thousand Years of Longing

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Tilda Swinton. Idris Elba. With George Miller in the director's chair. Surely, that's a winning formula? Not with the box office we're afraid, as Three Thousand Years of Longing bombed theatrically, despite the positive reviews. The narrative follows Alithea Binnie (Swinton) as a British scholar that suffers from infrequent hallucinations, only to discover a magical Djinn (Elba) during a trip to Istanbul. It's a bizarre but engrossing twisted fairy tale with some imaginative visuals that help carry the film, even if it doesn't quite hit the heights of Millers' Mad Max: Fury Road. Underrated or deserved flop? You tell us.  

Godzilla vs. Kong 

Godzilla vs. Kong

(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

Sometimes you just want to watch a giant lizard fight a giant ape. Originally a HBO Max release, breaking numerous records at the time, Godzilla vs. Kong has now made its way to Amazon Prime Video. Picking up after the events of Kong: Skull Island and Godzilla: King of the Monsters (both available on Prime too), the two titans clash as the gargantuan gorilla is moved from Skull Island to Hollow Earth, known as the home of the monster. Meanwhile, the humans work on a secret weapon designed to take down Godzilla once and for all. 

If you like seeing cities being rampaged on the scale of Man of Steel, then you're in for a treat. It's pretty mindless in terms of the plot but it's still an entertaining watch with some fun action and a decent cast (Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things being the standout), doing enough to spawn another sequel due in 2024.

Not sure whether Prime Video is worth getting? Here's our Amazon Prime review that details everything you're missing out on if you're not a member. 

We've also rounded up the best new movies to watch on Netflix for April, including a Power Rangers reunion 30 years in the making and a Bob Odenkirk action thriller.  

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