Tom Tom GPS Sport Watches unveiled

Tom Tom launches Runner and Multi-Sport GPS watches

Tom Tom has unveiled the brand new ultra-slim Tom Tom Runner and Tom Tom Multi-Sport GPS watches

With summer on the horizon, the prospect of some decent weather (shut up - it could happen!) may be enough to lure us all into engaging in some fitness activities. As if on cue, Tom Tom has unveiled a couple of GPS watches aimed at those punters looking to lose some weight.

The Tom Tom Runner and the Tom Tom Multi Sport are a pair of ultra-slim GPS sports watches boasting extra-large displays, full-screen graphical training tools and a one-button control to allow for easier navigation through the watches' features.

The Tom Tom Runner features an indoor tracker to monitor the user's pace on a treadmill, a built-in GPS, multi-platform sync compatibility, Blutooth connectivity and a heart-rate monitor. It's also waterproof up to 50m, boasts 10 hours of battery life (GPS Mode) and its display is housed in scratch and impact-resistant glass.


The Tom Tom Multi-Sport, for its part, includes all of the features of the Runner, but also has a dedicated bike mount, a cadence sensor to track the user's speed and distance, both indoors and out and a built-in altimeter. It also has a motion sensor for any time spent in a pool, calculating laps, strokes, time and speed, in order to work out the user's 'swim efficiency'.

T3 editor Luke Peters grabbed a hands on at the launch event:

"The Multi-Sport watch is the one to start sweating over. It's a bit like an iPod Nano clipped into a sleeker watch strap than some of the the third-party efforts we've seen to date. TomTom's continued foray into the fitness market - which it sees doubling in the next three years - takes all the learnings from 2011's Nike tie-up and refreshes just in time for summer.

Compact and light on the wrist, it's easy to pop out the main display segment and clip it into the handlebar-mounted bike bracket. The demo we were given shows how users can choose from running, swimming, cycling and treadmill modes and have the watch log stats such as distance, calories burned and time exercised.

Newness includes three distinct 'graphical modes that fill the waterproof screen, displaying various performance features. 'Race' allows you to compare your sporting prowess with past training sessions and see, in real-time, where you place compared to recent, or best, activities. 'Goal' sets personal challenges - beating times and burning calories. 'Zone' shows how your desired training is going - link it to an (additionally bought) heart-rate monitor via Bluetooth and it will track your bpm. Other additional accessories include a swim sensor, bike altimeter and cadence/speed sensor. No prices have been announced. Or for the watch itself.

One area in which we're a little disappointed to see unexploited is what TomTom is renowned for - getting you places. Rather than being able to plot a route or course and have the watch tell you which way to go, it simply records your mapping data and then allows you to view it afterwards. Like countless smartphone apps and some competing fitness GPS products. We think this would have been a great selling point. Maybe a future update."


Both watches also feature something Tom Tom is calling a Graphical Training Partner, which is essentially a way for users to measure their own personal fitness progress and set goals for themselves. It also won't tell you off for eating a packet of crisps.

There's no price for either watch as yet, but both will be released this summer (just in time for the heavens to open in the UK).