Today’s Wordle answer: Thursday, March 3, #257

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Thursday, March 2nd's Wordle solution was not one to be sad about – we got it in 3 guesses. Another success from our ALIEN, SHOUT opening. Getting all the vowels out there early does help quickly reduce the options and it will certainly help today.

There's certainly life left in the now New York Times-owned puzzle yet, even if today's answer takes a darker turn. But in times like these, you can hardly blame Wordle for getting a little maudlin.

Though you can find the answer at the bottom of the page, there's a hint just below here, should you want to give it one last go and risk that last life. If you're looking to find out more about Wordle and pick up some tips or tricks on how to win without needing our help each day, take a look at our Wordle Solution guide.

Today's Wordle hint

If you've recently lost something, this answer could be appropriate. There's also a mountain range but that adds an e.

Is there any Wordle controversy today?  

Aside from the word being a little dark in these uncertain times, there's nothing controversial about it. It retains its spelling in both US and British English and isn't easily confused with others. Audibly though, the process could easily be mistaken for a greeting.

Today's Wordle solution

Wordle Solution 257

Aced that one

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Today’s answer is MOURN. As in, to feel grief or sorrow, normally after someone's death.

Mourning, not to be confused with morning, is the process, and when in mourning it is common to wear black. Then there's the Mourne mountains in Ireland, if you add the e. Mourning is also the name for a dove call and there are mourning doves. So now you know!

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