TikTok gets a great free upgrade to make it better on tablets and foldable phones

The new feature should make it possible to scroll through content on a wider range of devices

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It's hard not to be a TikTok lover in this day and age. The social media platform has truly captured the zeitgeist, with more users than ever before swiping through content.

That's great if you're using a regularly shaped phone, as content is optimised for that screen size. If you're using something different, though – a foldable phone or a tablet, for example – the experience isn't quite so good.

That's all changed now, though, as the brand have announced adjustments to the experience. That is designed to make it easier for users of those devices to enjoy the app, without compromising.

It's great news for users of handsets like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5. Those people will soon have a more intuitive experience on their handsets.

According to the announcement, users will get a clear video feed, streamlined navigation bars, and orientation support which will enhance the experience. Orientation support is interesting to me, as it could see content begin to manoeuvre like it does in other apps.

That's something which isn't currently offered on TikTok. Whether it ends up being a help or a hindrance remains to be seen though. As someone who tends to scroll through apps while lying down, the lack of gyroscopic movement is actually quite handy. On other apps, content starts flying every which way but loose.

Still, I'm sure they'll make considerations for that. The obvious benefit for foldable devices is that the content can then shift to the orientation of the internal screen, which can often be used in any direction.

The update should be live already, so if you're using a larger screen device it's worth looking out for an update. 

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