Three's cheap SIM only deals are back to school to bargains

Make sure you have everything you need as schools, colleges, and unis go back thanks to Three's SIM only deals

Three SIM only deals back to school
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We're into September now and that means a few things, one of them being the back to school, college, or university rush is almost over, but that doesn't mean the deals have ended. Case in point: Three has some stupidly cheap SIM only deals on the go, which are perfect for those where money is tight.

The two deals on offer are fairly straight forward: either 4GB of data for £6/month or 8GB of data for £8/month, both with unlimited calls and texts and the various other perks that Three lays on for its SIM Only customers. Both run over 12 months.

But why would you want a SIM Only contract? The answer is pretty simple: flexibility. Without having your SIM (and monthly payments) tied to a specific phone, you can put the SIM in whatever device you want (think tablet or WiFi hotspot) and change it as many times. Like owning your own phone? SIM Only is the way to go.

As we mentioned above, Three has some perks alongside the generous data, chief among them is the Go Binge allowance that exempts certain services – like Netflix, Apple Music, and Snapchat – from eating into your data. With this in place, even 4GB of data every month can go a long way.

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Three SIM | 12 months | 4GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £6/month | Available from Three (opens in new tab)
The premise behind this deal is pretty simple: if you don't need that much data, then 4GB for £6/month is perfect. You'll never be tied down to a specific phone or big monthly payments and with all the work from home stuff, a lower data allowance might be a smart move.

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Three SIM | 12 months | 8GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £8/month | Available from Three (opens in new tab)
But then again, why not play it safe when double the amount of data every month is only £2 more. You get all the perks, like 5G compatibility and personal hotspot use, with a still-very-small monthly price. Pretty ideal.

So, if you're looking to buy yourself or someone you know some monthly data without tying it directly to a phone, Three has two very attractive offers.

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