Voxi's 12GB data for £12/month SIM only deal is a back to school bargain

Heading back to school, college, or university in the next few weeks? Voxi's SIM Only deals are worth considering

Voxi SIM only deals SIMO
(Image credit: Voxi)

Voxi is a becoming well known for offering extremely good value month-by-month SIM Only deals, with the latest offering – 12GB of data for £12/month – being the perfect accompaniment for heading back to school, college, or university in September.

What makes this an especially good deal for the younger people in your life (or yourself, if you are that person)? Unlimited social media that doesn't cut into your data allowance, meaning scrolling, streaming, chatting, and whatever else can all happen effectively for free.

That unlimited allowance extends to WhatsApp, Facebook, Snap, Twitter, Messenger, and Instagram. Basically, the apps you're using the most (besides TikTok) right now. 

Besides this huge perk, the most compelling reason to go for Voxi is simple: flexibility. A one month rolling contract means you can cancel anytime, change plans anytime, and so on; you aren't tied into 12 or 24 months of payments. Don't need that much data this month? Swap to a cheaper plan. And so on.

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Voxi SIM | One month rolling contract | 12GB data | Endless social media | Unlimited calls and texts | £12/month | Available from Voxi (opens in new tab)
Flexible, generous, cheap. Those are the three words we'd use to describe the offering from Voxi that you see here, with more than enough data for most plus unlimited social media usage. It can't really get much better.

So, if you're heading back to school and need to change up your SIM-related life, giving you the flexibility of a SIM Only deal, look no further than Voxi's offering.

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