Android Auto's main problem is fixed with this tiny device

It's time to go wireless…

Carsifi for Android Auto
(Image credit: Carsifi)

One of the biggest complaints I have always had about Android Auto is that to be used wirelessly your car needs a pricey wi-fi connection and that it can't be used over a simple Bluetooth connection as the bandwidth required is too high.

That's why a lot of existing cars only support a wired Android Auto connection, and to get wireless connection drivers have to buy a new car or replace head units, which is expensive and inconvenient. 

The Carsifi adapter solves this problem and allows drivers to connect to Android Auto wirelessly without expensive charges. 

Carsifi is launching a new version of it’s Wireless Android Auto adapter on Kickstarter. It is a small gadget that helps drivers to avoid using cords by instead connecting to Android Auto wirelessly in their car.

The dinky adapter is very easy to use and works on all cars and head units that support wired Android Auto. 

All you have to do is connect the adapter to the car with a USB, pair the adapter with a phone through Bluetooth, and enjoy Android Auto through a 2.4/5 GHz wi-fi connection. The process is so easy, it only needs to be done once, and, after that initial installation, Carsifi will connect to your phone automatically.

Carsifi for Android Auto

(Image credit: Carsifi)

The company states it already has a Carsifi adapter that has already been sold and used by multiple owners. They received a lot of feedback about the first generation, but due to the global chip shortage, the price of some board components went up between 3 and 10 times, and the production cost became very high. 

This prompted the development of another version of the Carsifi adapter that is much smaller and more ergonomic. It also has high-quality case material and additional functionality to modify Android Auto settings. Hense the Kickstarter funding.

If you like the idea of Carsifi and using Android Auto wirelessly – the price starts at $79 on Kickstarter and the company states it will be available in November 2021. 

It's already fully funded, so there's a good chance this product will materialise, but, as always with Kickstart products, there is a possibility that this won't be shipped or won't be as good as the Kickstarter promises.

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