This Telstra deal could quadruple your internet speed without costing you more

Telstra has slashed the price of its NBN 250 plan, meaning you'll pay the same as the standard NBN 50 and get superfast internet

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If you're wanting to boost the speed of your internet but have held back in a bid to save money, Telstra has just thrown you a bone. 

The telco giant has slashed the price of its superfast NBN 250 plan to bring the monthly cost down to the same rate as its standard NBN 50. It's offering unlimited downloads with speeds of up to 230Mbps for just AU$90 per month for the first six months when signing up to the premium superfast NBN 250 plan. 

Originally priced at AU$140 per month, that means you'll save an incredible AU$300 during your first six months, while enjoying speeds almost five times faster than you would on the NBN 50 plan for the same rate. 

After the initial six-month period, the plan will increase to the original AU$140 on a month-to-month basis. But as you're not locked into a fixed term contract, you're free to drop back down to a cheaper plan if you wish. 

Telstra Superfast Internet and Unlimited Data | AU$90 per month for 6 months ( save AU$50 per month)

Telstra Superfast Internet and Unlimited Data | AU$90 per month for 6 months (was AU$140, save AU$50 per month)

You can save yourself $300 over the first six months of your plan when you sign up to Telstra's NBN 250. With download speeds of up to 230Mbps, it's one of the fastest plans on the market. And while you'll pay the same rate for the first six months as you would on Telstra's NBN 50 plan, you're not locked into a contract either, so you can drop down to the cheaper rate once the discounted period ends.  

With competition heating up among the top NBN providers, Telstra has also dropped the price of some of its other plans. 

The NBN 100 plan is also AU$90 a month for the first six months, then AU$110 after that. But unless you simply can't be bothered changing your plan after the discounted period ends, you're much better off with the NBN 250 deal. 

And if you want serious speeds, Telstra is offering its ultrafast NBN 1000 plan for AU$130 a month for the first six months - which then reverts back to the standard AU$180 month-to-month. While this might not be the cheapest deal out there, loyal Telstra customers will get up to 700Mbps of typical download speeds. 

Currently, Telstra's NBN 250 offers the second fastest download speed for that tier, bettered only by Aussie Broadband. They promise downloads of up to 250Mbs, but you'll be paying AU$129 a month from the outset.