This super-cheap Samsung 4K TV is back down to a rock-bottom price

Samsung's excellent budget 4K TV is still at its lowest-ever price for Cyber Monday

Samsung AU9000 with sign saying Hot Deal on burnt orange background
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Samsung makes some of the best TVs at any price point, and we were particularly impressed with its AU9000 4K TV: in our Samsung AU9000 review we gave it the full five stars, describing it as "a high-achieving, affordable 4K TV" and concluding that "for most people, most of the time, this could be all the television they'll ever need." That's when its price tag was £699. At £399 it's an even better buy.

The deal is on the same 50-inch version we tested. We loved its crisp, clear 4K HDR display (with the usual Samsung lack of Dolby Vision; all the other key HDR formats are supported), its impressive Crystal processor and upscaling from full HD. We were also surprised by its low lag: it's not designed or marketed as one of the best gaming TVs so its speedy in-game performance is a definite bonus for Xbox Series X and PS5 owners.

Update (Mon 28th Nov): The discount is still holding for Cyber Monday but is likely to end soon.

Samsung AU9000 50" 4K Ultra HD TV: was £599, now £399 at

Samsung AU9000 50" 4K Ultra HD TV: was £599, now £399 at
This is the lowest price we've ever seen for this Samsung: it was very briefly discounted earlier this year before the price went up again, so it's good to see this Black Friday deal bringing the price back down. We gave it the full five stars at full price, so it's an even better buy now.

As ever we'd recommend pairing the TV up with one of the best soundbars for even better audio, but Samsung's Object Tracking Lite is more interesting than the typical Smart TV sound system: it delivers positional audio, although we're not entirely sure whether it's a useful addition or tech for the sake of it. 

As my colleague Simon Lucas puts it: "the AU9000 delivers very satisfying and convincing images, sounds a bit rough, and has one of the best smart TV interfaces around. Add in some worthwhile gaming chops, an extremely slight depth and an attention-grabbing price tag and, once again, the mass market finds itself pandered to very well."

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