This snake-themed watch is designed to scare

The Apple Watch is good, but is it designed to inspire awe and fear? This watch was

(Image credit: ATOWAK)

The best watches and best smartwatches are terrific timepieces, but very few of them are terrifying. Enter the ATOWAK COBRA, which the marketing bumph says was designed to "inspire awe as well as a little bit of fear". 

As you can see, it's not like traditional watches. Instead of a traditional watch face and hands it has a revolving satellite hour wheel with spinning minute hands, and the whole thing is encased in a snake-inspired body that's certainly very different from rival pieces.  

The original COBRA sold out in just three days, and there are now two new variants in Volcano Red (pictured above) and Royal Blue.

A smart watch, not a smartwatch

The COBRA is an unusual watch but ultimately it's still a watch, albeit one with a badged carbon fibre panel and a 316L steel casing; it's a traditional timepiece with a very non-traditional design. It comes with a leather and a stainless steel strap, and the crystal is made of tough sapphire to resist scratches and cracks. 

Even familiar pieces are in strange places here, so for example the crown is on the top – behind the "head" of the COBRA instead of located in the traditional way on the side of the watch. 

It's certainly unusual, and if it sells as quickly as the original it'll be pretty unique too. The RRP is $1,999 with worldwide free shipping and a two year warranty; the firm is currently running a 15% discount promotion for new customers. You can find out more on the ATOWAK website here.

Carrie Marshall

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