This Samsung Galaxy hack will get you a free laptop

If you move fast Samsung will give you an excellent laptop for free with your new Galaxy phone

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(Image credit: SAMSUNG)

If you've been thinking about buying a Samsung Galaxy S22, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra or Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, this would be a really good time to do it: Samsung is currently giving away Chromebook 4 laptops worth £299 to buyers of those models. And many of those phones are discounted too, so for example the 128GB Samsung Galaxy S22 128GB is down from £769 to £599, and now there's a three hundred quid Chromebook thrown in.

If you're wondering, what's the catch? There isn't one. Simply buy your phone and then upload proof of purchase to Samsung's promotions website to claim your free Chromebook.

Is the Chromebook 4 a good laptop?

As a freebie? Absolutely. It's very thin and light with an 11.6-inch display, so it's ideal for using on the move, and gigabit Wi-Fi means you can get the best from your data connection. The keyboard is really comfortable – something you'll appreciate in long work or writing sessions – and because it's running Chrome OS the relatively low-powered Celeron processor isn't going to struggle to run your important apps: all the heavy lifting on Chrome OS happens on Google's servers. And as it's a Samsung you know it's well-built and won't fall apart if you look at it funny.

I think this is a really good deal on phones that were already very good buys, so if you were already thinking about a Samsung then this is definitely worth checking out. If you're still undecided, though, check out our guide to the best Android phones to find whether rival devices are a better fit for you.

Carrie Marshall

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