This Samsung Galaxy Fold video solves every issue we have with the new foldable

It’s ‘Goodbye bezels, hello S Pen’ on this tasty new concept clip

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Release Date Price

Samsung Galaxy Fold doesn't hit store shelves in Europe until May 3, 2019 but that hasn't stopped concept artists trying to imagine what the next-generation of foldable phones from Samsung could look like.

Prolific designer Concept Creator has published a slick video of a Galaxy Fold concept that solves just about every issue you could nitpick with the first-generation hardware. The hefty notch in the top right-hand corner of the folding display, the whopping bezels around the Cover Display and the lack of a 3.5mm headphone port have all been addressed with the Galaxy Fold 2 concept.

Watch the full video below:

The Samsung Galaxy Fold currently has a 7.3-inch Infinity Flex Display that opens and closes like the pages of a paperback novel. The screen is almost edge-to-edge, but has a small notch in the top right-hand corner to house the dual front-facing cameras – the same set-up as seen on the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. That troublesome notch has been eradicated in this Fold 2 concept, replaced instead with the same Infinity-O style camera cut-out as seen on the Galaxy S10 range to squeeze every possible inch of screen real estate out of the foldable handset.

Likewise, the hefty borders found around the 4.6-inch Cover Display found on the upcoming Galaxy Fold, which will cost €2,000 (£1,700 converted) when it launches, are nowhere to be found on the second-generation concept. The screen runs to the very edge of the handset, like the Galaxy S10.

Finally, YouTube designer Concept Creator has added a 3.5mm headphone port. Samsung has been a key proponent of the universal audio port after the majority of its rivals ditched connection in favour of USB-C or Bluetooth-enabled headphones. The imagined second-generation Galaxy Fold also includes an S-Pen stylus, like the one seen on the hugely-successful Galaxy Note range.

With three-app multitasking set to be one of the headline features coming to the Galaxy Fold, it makes sense for future iterations of the pliable hardware to include the S-Pen, which enables more precision with 4,096 pressure levels for handwritten notes and annotations, as well as remote controls for the camera via Bluetooth and quick access to common tasks using the shortcuts menu.

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