This salty humidifier brings the goodness of sea air to your boudoir

Beurer's new Sea Air Simulator promises an atmosphere 'indistinguishable' from coastal air

Beurer Maremed MK 500 in a living room
(Image credit: Beurer)

Beurer has brought out a new device aimed at transporting that good salty sea air directly into your living room... even if you're living in, say, central London. In fact, probably even more so then, because if you already live by the sea there would be no point. The Beurer Maremed MK-500 Sea Air Simulator sucks in fusty old air, cleans it, ionises it, humidifies it, and releases it back into your home enriched with lovely salty minerals.   

Beurer is a trusted wellness brand known for making some excellent SAD lamps, massagers, essential oil diffusers and so on, but this product is a little more left field. 

That's not to say it doesn't pack a load of tried and tested, science and engineering style stuff. There are features you'd find in the best air purifiers and fancier options in our best humidifier ranking – namely, a filter to swipe nasty particles out of the air, and ioniser, an in-built UVC lamp to kill off bacteria. But it also introduces a maritime twist by adding salt into the water tank, ready to be misted finely into your living room. 

Beurer Maremed MK 500 in a living room

(Image credit: Beurer)

It's not just any old salt, mind, but 'maremed special sea salt', produced by Beurer and containing over 65 trace elements. The result, Beurer says, is an atmosphere that's indistinguishable from seaside air.

Beurer boasts that this Sea Air Simulator will help you "Breathe fresher, cleaner, healthier, germ-free air", and while I strongly suspect it's the filter and UVC lamp that are doing the heavy lifting on the health front, that's not to say that a slightly salty atmosphere isn't also appealing in its own way. I'm getting thirsty just thinking about it.

So how does it work? Well, the Maremed MK 500 sucks boringly salt-free air in via its fan (which has three settings). It passes through the filters, which swipe away 70% of the nasty stuff you're casually breathing in – dirt, pollen, dust, bits of hair etc. – and takes a trip past a UVC lamp where all the bacteria get eradicated. At this point it travels past the reservoir of filled with water and sea salt, where it's enriched with minerals. Then finally out into the air, via the ioniser, which is also said to help further improve air quality.

The unusual design has impressed so far, picking up a 2021 red dot award for innovative design. The Beurer Maremed MK-500 is available to buy from Amazon, priced at £349.99.

Ruth Hamilton

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