This robotic lawnmower is the garden gadget I need

The EcoFlow Blade collects leaves and keeps that grass in perfect condition without you doing a thing

EcoFlow Blade
(Image credit: EcoFlow)

When it comes to smart home gadgets, robot vacuums are now almost commonplace, providing top-notch cleaning throughout the house. However, when it comes to the garden, the robot lawnmower market is still relatively sparse. This is partly due to the fact that models so far have lacked the easy set-up of indoor robots and mowing is a little more involved than cleaning. 

At this year's CES 2023 though, EcoFlow (mostly known for its power stations, like the EcoFlow River 2) has launched its own robot lawn mower and it looks incredible. Not only that, it has a few features that should put it ahead of the current offerings. 

Firstly, it has a bag attachment that allows it to sweep up leaves, and presumably mown grass too. And secondly, it uses a single GPS tower that sits in the garden to provide all the mapping the device needs to accurately navigate your lawn. 

EcoFlow Blade

(Image credit: EcoFlow)

In addition to the Blade, EcoFlow also announced a handy portable fridge called Glacier. This is an icebox with a power station built in to keep food and drinks cooler for longer, and even has a built in ice machine. There is also the EcoFlow Wave 2, a new version of its portable air condition that can both heat and cool – ideal for those more luxury camping trips. 

EcoFlow Glacier

(Image credit: Ecoflow)
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