This Marshall Black Friday deal gets you super-cool wireless headphones for cheap

For those about to rock, this Black Friday deal will save you lots of cash

Marshall Major IV Black Friday Deal
(Image credit: Marshall)

If you've been scanning the best Black Friday deals looking for the perfect wireless headphones, there's a pair here with your name on them – especially if like me your name is Marshall. This Black Friday deal on the Marshall Major IV Foldable Bluetooth Headphones gives you 38% off, a saving of £50. 

Marshall's amplifiers are a huge part of rock and pop history, and the Marshall stack is one of the most iconic pieces of audio equipment ever made. These days Marshall is as much about headphones and smart speakers as it is loud amplifiers, and as you'd expect these Marshalls sound great.

Marshall Major IV Foldable Bluetooth Headphones: was £129.99, now £79.99 at Amazon

Marshall Major IV Foldable Bluetooth Headphones: was £129.99, now £79.99 at Amazon
You've seen the legendary logo on countless stages, and now other people can see it on the side of your head. These are super-comfortable with up to 80 hours of wireless audio – and you can charge them wirelessly too.

They're really convenient, too, with over 80 hours of wireless playtime. You don't even need to connect them with a cable when they need recharged: that's done wirelessly too.

In our Marshall Major IV review we loved pretty much everything about them: they're "real crowd-pleasers" with "enjoyable, well balanced sound" and "one of the most efficient control schemes on any headphones." They were a great buy at full price and they're better still with £50 off.

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