This MacBook Air M1 Cyber Monday deal is the cheapest it's EVER been!

This is a really good deal on an exceptionally good laptop. The M1 Macs are amazing

MacBook Air M1 Black Friday deal
(Image credit: Apple)

We've found one of the very best Black Friday deals on Apple computers: Amazon is currently offering the MacBook Air M1 for £110 less, bringing the price down from £999 to £889. If you're a seasoned Apple watcher you'll know that's an unusually large discount – and if you know your Macs you'll know that the M1 Air is an exceptionally good laptop.

• Apple MacBook Air M1, was £999 now £889 at Amazon UK

In our best laptops guide we say that the M1 MacBook Air is the best laptop for most people. I'd completely agree: I'm writing this on the very slightly more powerful M1 MacBook Pro, and the MacBook Air comes incredibly close to its performance for considerably less cash. Unless you're spending your life pushing Final Cut Pro or Logic Pro X to the very limit, I don't think you need the Pro. 

When we wrote our MacBook Air (M1, 2020) review we gave it the full five stars and said: "the MacBook Air (M1) is a small revolution. As much power as you could need in a light and silent design, with giant battery life." We praised its "stunning performance", its "fantastic" battery life and said "it's so fast that it'll never slow you down"... it's "the ideal laptop for most people."

Apple MacBook Air M1, was £999 now £889 at Amazon UK

Apple MacBook Air M1, was £999 now £889 at Amazon UK
Unless you really hate Macs, this is the best laptop for the vast majority of people – and with £110 off it's a genuine Cyber Monday bargain. Apple's M1-powered laptop is ridiculously powerful, has superb battery life and can run even the toughest apps without breaking sweat.

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