This is why the new iPhone XS Max could soon look small

A 6.5-inch screen might not be enough in the future

iPhone XS Max review

The new iPhone XS Max features Apple's largest phone screen ever at 6.5-inches, yet it might not be enough to future-proof the handset.

Despite the iPhone XS Max screen offering three times the space that Apple's first iPhone managed, it may still not be enough. The ever increasing screen size on phones looks set to continue to climb according to new predictions that could make even a 6.5-inch screen not enough.

The plotting of phone screen sizes over time shows that by 2025 displays could reach a hefty 160 square centimetres. When you think that the iPhone XS Max has a 100 square centimetre display, that's a huge jump up.

Of course this jump in screen size has also meant an increase in pixels so as to offer a clear and sharp picture. The result is an ability to display more small text on a screen than before. So you could read a large chunk of an article or most of a webpage at a glance without zooming or scrolling. The future could mean this on an even bigger scale, perhaps ideal for VR.

Of course there has to be a limit or we'll all be carrying around tablets before long. Perhaps that's where the future of foldable phones comes into play?

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