How to get a Hasselblad for £84

Rent camera and lenses on a daily rate that’s actually affordable

Hasselblad might be one of the best medium format camera manufacturers on the planet but its prices reflect that, making it inaccessible to most - until now. 

Hasselblad has just announced a new scheme it now offers that allows anyone to rent its cameras and lenses for use without having to splash out thousands on actually buying the kit.

Now photographers and hobbyists alike will be able to use the Rent a Hasselblad service via the company’s site. The idea is to let people try the cameras before they buy them. That means you can rent the camera and then if you decide to buy it within 14 days after your rental you get the money you spent on rent taken off the buying price.

At the moment the service is limited to the Hasselblad X1D-50c medium format mirrorless camera. However the company is looking into other models so expect more options to appear soon.

Currently the Hasselblad X1D-50c is priced at just under £8,000 while the lenses are also in the thousands like the XCD 90mm at around £2,500. So rental, for most, is a great opportunity. But how much is it?

The Hasselblad rental site currently has the X1D-50C 4116 Edition listed for $110 per day which is about £84 per day. The XCD 3,2/90mm lens is $32 per day, which is about £24, while the XCD 3,5/45mm is $27 which is roughly £20 per day.

Rent a Hasselblad is an international service and is available on the website now.

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