THIS is how you beat Samsung Galaxy S8's iris scanner

Talented hacker shows off easy way to fool Galaxy S8's security system: all that's needed is a photo and a contact lens

When we reviewed the Samsung Galaxy S8 here at T3 Towers we had a few reservations about the built-in iris scanner on the flagship new phone, despite absolutely loving the handset itself. 

Well now the high-tech security system has been cracked right open by talented hacker Jan Krissler, who has shown in a recent video of his how you can completely fool the system with a low-tech hack.

Want to know how it was done? Then watch the video now:

Video credit: Jan Krissler

As you can see, all Krissler does is take a picture of the phone owner's face using an infrared night mode on a standard point and shoot camera, print said picture out, and then place a contact lens over the eye on the image to give it depth.

The result is that when the image is held up to the iris scanner the handset is immediately unlocked and all options and data made accessible.

Here at T3 Towers we really do appreciate efforts to make securing your phone easier, quicker and more secure, and technology like facial and iris recognition is definitely a step in the right direction, however, this hack has shown that sometimes a simple passcode is a better option when compared to biometrics.

 Via The Verge 

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