This electric scooter aims to be the safest on the market, and I think it looks great

Safer, more comfortable, and with indicators and a horn!

TAITO electric scooter
(Image credit: TAITO)

A Belgian-based start-up, Taito, is launching a new breed of adult electric scooter, not only aiming to be the safest on the market but also to give riders a more comfortable riding experience as well.

I've been reviewing e-scooters for several years now, many of which now reside in our best electric scooter guide, but I haven't been this excited about an electric scooter for a while.

The Taito e-scooter will be made mainly in Belgium or Europe and feature a weather-resistant design so it can be used all year round.

In search of ultimate usability, it will also have large, 10-inch pneumatic tyres, an innovative patented suspension and a floating wooden platform that offers users a more stable and smoother ride. 

"Our innovative suspension system offers several benefits; increased stability, better comfort and an added fun factor. With the 3 wheels, you are already much more stable and enjoy an intuitive riding experience where you can lean into the corners, a bit like skiing. 

"The rubber spring element absorbs unevenness of the road and vibrations, so cobblestones and uneven roads are no problem for the TAITO. This allows you as a user to ride more relaxed and attentive while enjoying the surroundings," said François Desmet. 

TAITO electric scooter

(Image credit: TAITO)

As you can see, it looks just like a blown-up children's scooter, with two wheels for stability at the front, and a single wheel at the rear. This should greatly aid stability, and means it can also be rolled around with a carry handle, rather than having to carry it, when not in use.

The Taito also features indicators and a horn for optimal safety – something I've been saying electric scooters need for a long time now.

To improve the scooter's eco-credentials, the design is fully-modular, with each part being easy to replace. This should increase the lifespan of the e-scooter.

"In addition to safety, we consider reliability extremely important," says Jules Dobbelaere. 

"The e-scooters that come on the market today are often low in quality, not fully repairable and have little service. That's why the Taito will also be linked to an app as a first point of contact for repairs with certified partners in the area, possible theft insurance and a GPS tracking system that, together with the integrated alarm system and multiple locking options, should ensure that the scooter is always safe." 

Like the idea of Taito? The electric scooter is currently on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, and has already passed its funding target.

We'll also be keeping you updated with the development and are hoping to review a pre-production model soon.

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