This drone stalks you once you throw it in the air

And here are four other drones that are slightly less creepy

Drones are great fun, but how do you make sure that you're the centre of attention? The Lily camera drone follows you wherever you go – just chuck it into the air and it does the rest. It'll video you like one long moving selfie.

Not only is this a boon for egotists, it'll also be pretty cool if you're mountain biking, snowboarding, skiing, or going down a massive water slide.

So how does it work? You wear a tracking device on your wrist which it follows. As you can see from the video, it's pretty good at keeping up, and lands in the palm of your hand when you've had enough. It flies for 20 minutes on a single charge, and can be set to film you from behind, the side or in front.

The tracking device is waterproof, as is the drone itself. So no need to worry if it lands in the drink. That also means you can film yourself swimming, canoeing or kayaking with it, and not worry about it breaking.

Using the remote, you can record sound, change the angle it films from and take pictures with the onboard 12-megapixel stills camera.

All well and good. But which other drones are vying for your attention? Check these out.

1 Walkera Tali H500

Six blades instead of the standard four mean it will keep flying even if one of the motors conks out. It also has a retractable landing gear which means the camera's view isn't blocked by the legs.

2 DJI Inspire 1

You can fly the Inspire 1 using an iOS or Android device, and it can take off and land by itself. It can also fly indoors without relying on GPS thanks to its Optical Flow positioning sensor.

3 Parrot BeBop Drone

Parrot started this whole drone business with the AR Drone back in 2010. And now it's back to reclaim its aerial crown. An accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer and ultrasound help it stay steady, and you steer it by tilting your tablet's screen.

4 Micro Drone 2.0

This toy drone is a lot easier to control than most this size, but it still does 360-degree flips and can be launched by flinging it into the air. Amazingly for its size, it records video in 720p HD, though you have to pay £35 extra for the camera.